With the rollout of the new version, all previous teams have been reset. This means that every player will need to either join an existing team or create a new one once they reach puzzle level 35. We understand that this may require a bit of adjustment, but we believe it will create a fresh and vibrant community for all our players to enjoy.


The team feature remains an integral part of Fiona's Farm, offering various benefits such as free lives, coins, and the opportunity to chat and collaborate with other players. Whether you're strategizing your next move, sharing tips and tricks, or simply socializing with fellow farmers and puzzle enthusiasts, the team feature provides a dynamic platform for interaction and support.


So, once you reach puzzle level 35, don't forget to explore the team feature and either join an existing team or create a new one to embark on this exciting journey together. We're confident that the bonds you forge within your team will enrich your gaming experience and add an extra layer of fun to your adventures on Fiona's Farm.


Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We can't wait to see you thrive in our vibrant community and create unforgettable memories together!